Unani Micellar Water Review

One of my favourite products that I’ve received in the Lust Have It monthly beauty product boxes is Unani Micellar Water! I’d never heard of micellar water before, but now that I’ve tried it, there will be no going back!


I used to use those cheap face wipes to remove my make up at night, and I’d always thought to myself that there was no difference from one wipe to another, well Lust Have It and Unani have proved me wrong! I’ve been using this soapy micellar water on cotton pads for a month now, and I’m just amazed. Even when I think my face is relatively clean, a wipe over with this water, and the pad turns brown!

I’ve noticed a difference in my skin’s feel and tone as well. My skin isn’t dry or oily now, and the colour across it has really evened out. I’m so happy with this cleansing water, and with a recommended retail price of just $22.50 for 200ml, I’ll be continuing to use it for a long time!

x Laura


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