Fitting Fitness Into a Busy Work Week

Getting fit is hard. Add in any excuse not to do it, and it’s becomes exponentially harder. Many people live very busy lives, and fitting exercise in there seems almost impossible. These 4 tips will help you squeeze your workouts into your weekly routine!

1. Make it a Priority

Seriously, make it a priority. Some things are going to have a higher priority than working out, like going to work or eating dinner. But some things can be moved down in the priority list. Watching TV, for example, is something many waste too much time doing. Spend that time working out, OR multitask, workout while you watch TV! Or that 2 minutes you spend every night checking Facebook right before bed, but then you get distracted and actually spend half an hour doing? Yep, you got it, down the list of priorities. If getting fit is important to you, make it show by where you prioritize it!

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2. Workout Before Work

If you get your workout out of the way first thing, there’s no skipping it. I personally spend the first 10 or 15 minutes everyday just waking up, too groggy to use my brain. Well, good news, working out doesn’t take brain power! Try waking up and starting your workout immediately. It’ll help wake you up, and make use of those first 10-15 minutes that you’re normally useless.

3. Walk or Run on Your Lunch Break

This one can be tricky, and not everyone will be able to do it, but if you can, make good use of your lunch break! Go for a run, and then come back and eat your lunch at your desk. This one is much easier for men, they don’t have hair and makeup to fix after a run. So, women, try walking. A 30 minute walk at 6 km/h will burn nearly 200 calories.

busy 2
Probably get changed before your run though. Image from

4. Workout at Home

Working out at home means less time wasted traveling to a gym. You might think the gym is only 10 minutes down the road, but that means 20 minutes of travel time wasted, plus time to put all of your stuff in a locker, wait for the machine you want to be free, and maybe even wait for a shower to be free. If you’ve got the time, by all means, go to the gym, but if you’re trying to save time everyday, working out at home is one of the easiest ways!

x Laura

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