Free Motivation Program

Week 1 Day 4

If you’ve just stumbled across this post, you can start at the beginning of this program by clicking here.

You might be starting to lose motivation now, but it’s important to push through. Take another look at your goals and why you want to achieve them. Really think about them, and let them drive you to keep going. Write some new goals if you like.


Challenge 1:

Get moving! Get to the gym, or do a workout at home, or even just go for a walk! There are 100’s of free workouts on YouTube that you can complete at home with little to no equipment, so you have no excuse! Make sure you log your workout in your My Fitness Pal app. Start scheduling in at least 3 active days per week, and do them!


Motivational Quote 1:

Imagine yourself in 6 months if you keep going. It’ll be worth it.


Motivational Picture 1:

Image from

Challenge 2:

Print out some of your favourite motivational pictures and put them up where you’ll see them , on your vision board, in the bathroom, on your desk as work (probably keep these ones PG though). When they start to blend in to the background, swap them for fresh ones.


Motivational Quote 2:

Suck it up now, so you won’t have to suck it in later.


Motivational Picture 2:

Image from

End of the Day:

You’re going great. This isn’t easy to do, you just have to keep pushing through if you want results. Get out your journal. Are you still drinking 2L of water every day? How are you feeling? Physically and mentally?

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