Sore, but Not Sorry

This morning when I rolled over to turn my alarm off…. let’s be honest, to hit snooze, I could feel it. The burning in my legs and ass, no doubt from yesterday’s resistance training.

I started the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide again, and yesterday was Legs and Cardio. It was hard, it was harder then I’d remembered. By the end of the workout, I couldn’t breathe properly and I was light headed. Today I can hardly walk. So it begins.

The first week is always the hardest. I’ve already knocked down one LISS and one Resistance training, which means two more of each to complete the week.

I’ve been having my Herbalife shakes (I’ll do a review post on Herbalife when I complete these 3 months of BBG), tea, and supplements like I should be so far this week, and I feel like I’m off to a good start getting back on track after the holidays.

My last weigh in was at the end of the holidays and it was bad. Everything was up, weight, body fat, all of my measurements. But I’ve been good this week, so I’m excited to see what progress I’ve made by the weekend. Three more days to go!


xx Laura

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