Motivation to Lose Weight, What’s Mine?


It’s no secret that I want to lose weight and get fit, but that process can take a LONG TIME! If I have something coming up that I want to look good for, it makes it harder for me to procrastinate. So, what’s coming up? A cruise!

My boyfriend and I are booking a 7 night cruise in February to the Pacific Islands! It’ll be the middle of summer (for Australia and the Islands anyway) which means lots of bathing suit time! No hiding allowed! Which means I really want to look GREAT!

So what’s my goal?

I want to be confident walking around in my bikini, and look great in my dresses! For me, that means thin and toned! I would LOVE to be down to my goal weight by then, which is 55kg (120lbs), but I’ve still got a way to go to get there, so I don’t want to put a number on what I want to be down to by then yet. I just want to feel great about myself, and not have to worry about looking too fat by the pool.

l cruise

This is my on my last cruise in the Carrabin when I was 18

How am I going to do it?

With the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guides! I’m just about to start week 8 of her first guide (stay tuned for a review on weeks 5-8 after next week with before and after pictures!). So from now to February I’ve got enough time to finish this this guide, do it again, and then do her next one, Bikini Body Guide 2.0! I’ll also be following her HELP Guide (and nutrition guide with 14 meal plan) as close as I can with the time and budget I’ve got.

So, that’s what I’m working toward now, looking great out on the open ocean! What’s your inspiration?

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