Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Weeks 5-8 Review

I’m in the home stretch now! On to the last month of the BBG, which means it’s time to review the last 4 weeks! I’m still absolutely loving it! I’m in a great routine now, and look forward to my workouts! The exercises have been switched up a bit and it’s kept it interesting (although I can tell you, I’m sick of burpies)! Some of the new exercises look easy, but they’re so hard! Like the tricep dips with your legs elevated! And then some look really hard, but are super easy, like the weighted bent leg curls.

During these 4 weeks was the first time I could feel my ab workouts during the actual workout. Previously I only ever had sore abs the next day, but these last 4 weeks have really ramped up the abs! I’ve also noticed a huge improvement in my technique. When I first started doing straight leg jack knives I felt like a fish flopping around, now I’m doing them with proper form and I look like a human exercising instead of a dying fish.

As a special treat, to give you an idea of just how hard Kayla’s workouts can be, on my last workout of week 8 I took a selfie after each circuit! Yes, I know I worked out with make up on, no, I didn’t put it on to workout. This workout was done as soon as I got home from work that day.

workout faces

As you can see, I was feeling awesome after Circuit 1! Circuit 2 took a little out of me but I was still going strong. After Circuit 3 I was starting to get pretty tired, and then Circuit 4 pretty much made me want to puke… but in a good way… if that’s possible.

So, what are my results? I’ve gone down 2kg, and dropped 0.8% body fat. I feel so much stronger and fit now too! Below are a series of before and after pictures. The first row was taken at the end of week 4, and the bottom row was taken at the end of week 8.

weeks 4-8

As you can see, my changes aren’t mind-blowing, but they’re there! My legs definitely have gotten smaller again, and I think my arms and tummy are slightly more toned… I might just be being hopeful though.

I’ll be doing the last workout for Week 10 tonight! Which means I only have 2 more weeks left! I’m so excited and proud of myself for sticking to this and actually completing it! Nearly there!

xx Laura

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